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Wilderness Gate has been developed and promoted by a group of Professionals from a cross spectrum of society with a passion for Community Development and Missionary Service. The core team of Professionals have a background in building, agriculture, communications, nursing, project management, education, business management and tour-related activities.

The Wilderness Gate Team, along with health professionals serving as board members, actively engage in both the operations and management of their core business, which focuses on transforming lives in vulnerable communities. Their mission aligns with the Seventh-Day Adventist Church’s directive to “Go Ye into all the World…” (Mark 16:15). Together with their partners, they strive to implement sustainable development strategies and operational practices while upholding a defined set of core values.


Republic of Zambia
The Non-Governmental Organisation’s Act 2009.

Certificate of Registration:
No. RNGO 101/1750/2022

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