Future Event: Kabansa Medical & FARM STEW Mission 2023

Aug 9, 2023 | Education, Events, Medical Missions

Chieftainess Serenje, Chitambo District
Central Province, Zambia

21st – 29th September 2023

After the successful 4 (four) week FARM STEW training carried out in March/April 2023 following the reconnaissance carried out in Q3 2022, a follow-up was carried out in June 2023 to gauge the effects of the training that took place earlier this year and the village’s response. The result was 8 (eight) new Planters being initiated to begin setting up communities, working as 2(two) per community of at least 40 households each.

Following these programs, Wilderness Gate, FARM STEW and Medical Mission Partner Ebenezer Medical Mission will be carrying out a Medical Mission Program and FARM STEW Community daily program over the same period for the established Communities and for prospective members.

The Medical Mission Program will include a Medical Doctor, Eye (Optometrist) Doctor and Dentist with support team members who will carry out a daily clinic.

Given the many challenges of Hunger Disease and Poverty, the FARM STEW Team will use the opportunity to bring awareness to the communities from the local and surrounding villages on lifestyle change; showcasing examples of existing communities where change has been brought about in an area where drunkenness, Gender-Based Violence and other social ills are the order of the day. This Program will see the launch of VSLA groups in the new Communities and the distribution of Washable Sanitary Pads to school-going girls.

Contributions will go towards the logistical and supply costs associated with the mission trip and can be made directly to Wilderness Gate here.

This Wilderness Gate Mission trip is in partnership with FARM STEW and Ebenezer Medical Mission.


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