Balm Of Hope Rehabilitation Centre

Balm of Hope Rehabilitation Centre is a beacon of hope for 110 children under the guidance of three dedicated teacher volunteers and a cook/cleaner, all of whom receive a modest K800 monthly salary. However, the strain on resources is palpable, with the founder, Br Aaron Zulu, facing health challenges and the necessity to return to school. As a result, sustaining the operations of the center has become increasingly challenging. The burden of financial support falls heavily on the shoulders of those involved, with continued commitment to covering expenses, despite the strain endured over several months last year.

In light of these circumstances, urgent support and contributions are needed to ensure the continuity of education and care for the children at Balm of Hope Rehabilitation Centre. With Br Aaron’s health concerns and financial constraints, the stability of the centre hangs in the balance. Every contribution, whether financial or otherwise, plays a crucial role in securing a brighter future for these children and alleviating the burden on those tirelessly working to uphold their well-being. Your generosity can make a meaningful difference in the lives of these children, providing them with the opportunity for education and a chance to thrive amidst adversity.

Your Contributions Count

As an entirely volunteer-run organisation, we rely solely on donations and to keep our projects going. Consider making a contribution here:

Your contribution towards this project will go toward the salaries and supplies necessary to continue the work being done at Balm of Hope.

For your records and ours, please email a copy of your payment slip to We will send you a receipt for your contribution.

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