Beehive Outgrower Program – Self Sustaining Income Generation

The community development farming project will focus on teaching community members beekeeping in order to promote sustainable livelihoods and conservation of indigenous forests. The project will use an Apiary – Beehive Outgrower Program in indigenous forests for honey production, beeswax, and pollen.

FARM STEW Foods and Wilderness Gate are actively looking into the possibility of Upscaling the Project to move from 2000-3000 Hives over the next 2 years which would bring substantial returns to support the Mission work, in and outside Zambia

The project will use both Kenyan Top Bar and Langstroth Hives to maximize the output of the beekeeping program. The community members will be trained in the management and harvesting of hives, including the proper use of equipment and techniques to maintain the health of the bees.

Once the honey, beeswax, and pollen have been harvested, the project will establish a processing and packaging center in Kanona. This will allow for the value-added processing of the produce and create additional income streams for the community members.

Each outgrower can produce up to 350 liters of honey with 5 hives, and the same outgrower can support an apiary of 25 hives when focused, giving upwards of 1.75 tons per annum. This means that the project has the potential to significantly increase the income of the community members involved in the program, while also promoting the conservation of indigenous forests and the sustainability of beekeeping practices in the region.

Overall, the community development farming project will create a sustainable source of income for community members through beekeeping, while also promoting the conservation of indigenous forests and supporting the local economy through the processing and sale of honey, beeswax, and pollen.


Contributions for this project will go towards the resources required to train individual beekeepers in Kanona and the Muchinga Escarpment area, as well as the materials and labour required to increase the number of Apiary and Beekeepers to support the Mission work.

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