Medical Missionary Vehicle & Trailer

An overland missionary vehicle and trailer is a vital tool for reaching remote parts of Zambia, particularly for medical missions. These areas are often difficult to access by foot or by traditional means of transportation, and an overland vehicle provides a way to traverse rugged terrain and reach communities that would otherwise be cut off from the outside world.

The need for an overland missionary vehicle is particularly acute in Zambia, where poverty and lack of healthcare infrastructure are major challenges. Many remote communities in Zambia lack basic medical care and medication. An overland vehicle provides a way to bring these resources to these communities, as well as to provide spiritual guidance and support. The vehicle will be equipped with medical supplies, medicine, and equipment that will be used to provide medical treatment to people in remote areas.

In addition to providing access to remote communities for medical treatment, an overland missionary vehicle also serves as a mobile base of operations. The trailer can be outfitted with a variety of resources such as medical supplies, food, and educational materials. This allows missionaries to provide aid and support to communities on an ongoing basis, rather than just during occasional visits.

Furthermore, an overland missionary vehicle also serves as a means of transportation for the missionaries themselves. This vehicle will allow them to travel to remote communities and also to be able to make multiple stops in different locations to reach more people. This is important because it allows the missionaries to cover a larger area and reach more people, which in turn allows them to have a greater impact.

The Vehicle and Trailer

We have been able to locate a built Land Rover Forward Control with a 300l long range fuel tank, a roof rack, tow bar, bull bar with winch, additional driving lamps and a 180l galvanised water tank. The trailer includes 3 60l water tanks, an 8x10m detachable awning, LED lighting, a heavy duty suspension and 2 folding tables.

The vehicle and trailer have been offered to Wilderness Gate Missions for $17,012.50.

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