Wilderness Gate & Farm Stew Mobile Pontoon Clinic

The Wilderness Gate and Farm Stew mobile pontoon medical facility will travel to remote areas with limited access to healthcare services.


The mobile clinic will be operated by a full-time pontoon master (coxswain) who will be an all-rounder and responsible for the smooth operations of the clinic. An assistant master and multi-function person will be hired to operate the Jon boat and assist with various tasks.

Part-time and volunteer medical personnel, including medical, ophthalmology, and dental professionals, will provide their services on the clinic. Additionally, there will be a mix of full-time and part-time medical officers and nursing staff to cater to the medical needs of the patients.

Farm stew trainers and medical missionaries will also be hired as full-time and part-time staff to provide training on farming practices and serve as medical missionaries to underserved communities.

The clinic will operate five days a week, with the craft moving twice a week along the water channels. On Fridays, the clinic will dock at a main island, where patients can receive treatment and rest over the weekend. On Sundays, the clinic will be cleaned and sanitized, and in the afternoon, it will move out onto the channels for Monday operations.

The main islands where the clinic docks will have waste management facilities and necessary support infrastructure. The clinic will ensure that waste is disposed of responsibly to minimise any environmental impact.

Construction & Safety

The clinic will be constructed on a standard pontoon that will comprise a sturdy aluminium-framed 4-strip aluminium pontoon hull on two decks measuring 11.5×5.0m.

The clinic will be equipped with 3 chemical toilets with 7-day capacity and simple operation, ensuring a comfortable and hygienic experience for patients and staff.

Power will be supplied by a 10kw solar power system with an inverter and lithium battery power storage, ensuring reliable and uninterrupted power supply. The pontoon clinic will have 700 litres of freshwater storage tanks fitted in the pontoon hull, which will cater to the needs of patients and staff.

Mobility will be delivered by 2 x 60hp outboard motors and 1 x 5.0m Jon (WaterTaxi) Boat with a 40hp outboard motor, ensuring easy access to remote locations. Safety will be a top priority, and the clinic will be equipped with life jackets, anchor, and fire safety equipment.

The clinic will also have a fully equipped kitchen galley with a dining area and balcony, allowing staff to prepare and serve healthy meals to patients and visitors.

The mobile pontoon clinic will be an innovative solution to provide quality healthcare services to underserved communities in remote areas.

The cost of the pontoon clinic comes up to $181,250.00, including approximate freight customs and duties

This is the total cost excluding fixtures and medical equipment required to set up and run the clinic once it is in the waters of Lunga district. Your contributions will go towards the construction and delivery of the pontoon to Lunga district, Zambia.

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For your records and ours, please email a copy of your payment slip to contact@wildernessgate.org. We will send you a receipt for your contribution.

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