Second Farmstew Training takes place in Lusaka, Zambia

Apr 4, 2022 | Education, Events

FARMSTEW INTERNATIONAL partnered with WG to organize a Training Workshop in Zambia for the first time.
These workshops were gratefully and mostly sponsored by FSI and facilitated by a senior Farmstew member of their team from Uganda, Mr Edward Kaweesa. The workshops were held close to one of the WG areas, Masase Village and in Lusaka. WG were part sponsors. Total participants were 10 in Lusaka, with 7 graduating.

FARMSTEW ( stands for Farming-Attitude-Rest-Meals-Sanitation-Temperance-Enterprise-Water. These 8 “ingredients” are used to train local leaders in holistic community development. FARMSTEW hold fast to John 10.10 where Jesus words “I have come that they may have life and have it more abundantly”, are evident in every aspect of the Training and delivery to the intended recipients.

The second training session in Lusaka, with its 10 participants followed the format of the first, with a theory class, garden practicals, practicals in soy milk and tofu making, sanitation and hygiene, use of a fireless cooker and an energy saving stove. Additionally, the last day of training included water and water-borne diseases as part of a final recap.

The Trained Team for Lusaka were from various locations with 2 from Kaoma in the Western Province of Zambia, others were beginning their operations in districts East of Lusaka.

Soy product training in Lusaka

Day 3 practicals in soy milk and tofu making, which was followed by rainbow greens, sanitation and hygiene and fireless cooker and energy saving stove training.

Graduates of the Lusaka training

7 of the initial 10 trainees graduated the training held in Lusaka.


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