Wilderness Gate Joins the Godpod Initiative

Jan 8, 2024 | Support

Our consultation with the team at Adventist World Radio regarding the most effective methods to reach remote communities with the Word culminated in what we can only describe as a New Year’s blessing. On January 1, 2024, boxes containing 200 Godpods, as they are affectionately termed, were delivered to our office in Lusaka.

In collaboration with our partners at FARM STEW International, we will distribute these Godpods to all of our active Bemba-speaking communities, advancing our mission to “share the hope that Christ brings to those in hard-to-reach locations.” These AWR360° Godpods feature Bemba translations of the Bible, and a series of Bible Study materials. Additionally, the Godpods are solar-rechargeable, offer micro-SD support, and LED torches.

The introduction of these Godpods marks a significant stride in our efforts to reach and inspire hope within the communities we serve.

Cover image from AWR.org


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