Deliverance From a Lion

Aug 30, 2023 | Stories

Narration From The Farm Stew Trainer & Coordinator For Katubya, Daniel Lungu.

We arrived in Katubya on Monday, 14th August 2023, and spent a night in Nalombe village at the home of Mr. Howard, the driver. The next day, which was a Tuesday, we were taken to Siangoye village, located in the central part of Karunya. We set up camp at Katubya West Seventh-Day Adventist Church, where we stayed in a hut covered with grass and sacks. Everything went smoothly from the very first day to the last. The Lord served as our protector and sustainer. Every day, from the 15th to the 19th of August, I would rise at 03:00 AM, offer my prayers, visit the toilet approximately 30 metres away, and then return to study the Bible.

Following the Sabbath worship on 19th August 2023, we retired to bed early after our evening devotion. At 03:00 AM, the Lord stirred me awake. I followed my usual routine of praying and visiting the toilet, but suddenly, I felt an unusual sensation and returned to sleep. I eventually awoke at 05:00 hrs, relieved myself, and went back to bed. Around 06:20 AM, I heard a call from Elder Pegson. “Daniel! Daniel! Come quickly with your phone!” I was puzzled about the urgency of the call and why he needed my phone. I found him standing along the path that passed behind the toilet, gazing at the ground.

“Come closer and take a look; could these be footprints of a hyena? Please take a photo.” I had never seen a hyena or its footprints before, but Pegson was convinced. I followed his instructions, took the photo, and we returned to our camp.

Picture of the lion's paw print in the sand

At 09:30 AM, we received a visitor from a nearby village who had come through the same path where we had spotted the footprints and assumed it was a hyena. He informed us that what had passed near our camp during the night was, in fact, a lion. We were left in shock, but then we realised that the Lord, for whom we had come to labour, had honoured His words, as written in the book of Psalms 34:7, “The angel of the Lord encampeth round about them that fear Him and delivereth them.”

Later that day, we learned that a lion had killed two cows in a nearby village, and one man had witnessed it in the early hours of the day, fleeing for his life. Praise be to God that even now He can deliver His servants from the jaws of a lion. I could have fallen victim to that lion, but the Spirit of the Lord prevented me from going outside that night. Glory be to God for His incredible deliverance.


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