Farm Stew Training Katubya Village

Jun 17, 2023 | Education, Events

A two-week intensive Farm Stew Trainer of Trainers (TOT) training program will be held in a remote village called Katubya, 160km west of Zimba town, Southern Province of Zambia. The village forms a cluster of 16 villages that have been ravaged by drought and face challenges of food insecurity, scarce clean drinking water, widespread poverty and the attendant problems of hunger and diseases.

The two experienced Farm Stew Trainers will be training between 16-20 new Planters on the Farm Stew Program and they will in turn start up to 16 new Farm Stew Communities.

The Farm Stew Program will cover the Full Recipe of;

  • Nutrition-based and sustainable Farming practices
  • Attitude change
  • Rest and all its attributes
  • Nutrition based Meals and preparation of them focusing on the Rainbow coloured mix
  • Sanitation, in the home, environment and personal cleanliness
  • Temperance is the abstinence from harmful products
  • Enterprise; teaching the Village Savings model and sustainable small-scale business practices
  • Water; simple purification methods, use of water in the treatment of ailments and diseases.

The Program is funded by Farm Stew, managed by Wilderness Gate and is expected to be the beginning of similar Farm Stew and Medical Mission work throughout the Province.


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