Kabansa Farmstew Mission

Aug 25, 2022 | Medical Missions

Muchinga Escarpment – Chieftainess Serenje, Central Province

29th August – 5th September 2022

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Approx. 20km South of Lusiwasi Hydro Power Station (On the Escarpment head) and 60km in total from Masase Village which is the current Farmstew Station in the Chiefdom


Mostly dry season by road from the Chieftainess Palace approximately 70km rugged terrain vehicles only. From MasaseVillage to the Lusiwasi Power Station approx. 40km with Power Station vehicle when available. From the Power Station by Trolley Car to the bottom of the Power Station and Luangwa Valley Floor. Across the Lusiwasi River and a 20km hike up the Escarpment to the village through very hilly terrain, 4-7hr hike.


No medical facilities (Basic Clinic under construction but many challenges go with it.), no Government offices, a small School with a small number of teachers. Head Teacher acts as local Clinical officer as non available and is involved in many Community interventions as and when it becomes possible.


Subsistence farming typical of the area, they grow, maize, millet, cassava, beans but often in areas that are prone to flooding and crop destruction is common. No soy bean planting even though soils are perfect for it.


Lifestyle challenges are many; HIV and most chronic diseases, malnutrition, kwashiokor, scabies and many others that are rampant in the village and surrounding areas.


In any direction, provision of food support, health support is 20-70km away depending on what is available at the nearer locations, otherwise travel up to the District town is 170km away

Kabansa Mission

Mission team

  • H. Mutale & D. Lungu – Farmstew Trainers
  • Kennedy Lunga – Farmstew Volunteer

Mission Location

Route From Masase

Kabansa Village: 13°27’55″S 30°59’22″E


Malnutrition is rampant in the village and the incidence of scabies is widespread. With it is acute poverty and a struggle to eck out a decent living as a consequence of ignorance of sustainable agricultural practices, growing and provision of nutritious fruit and vegetables and crops. Lifestyle changes and how to make them are critical.

Your contribution to this mission will go towards transport and supplies for the team, and medical supplies and materials crucial to the sustainable living of the Kabansa Village community.

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