Kabansa Mission 2023 Highlights

Jun 26, 2023 | Reports

Farmstew 4 week mission – 19th March -17th April 2023

  • Unentered Kabansa Village
  • Chieftainess Serenje
  • Chitambo District – Central Province, Zambia

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Kabansa Mission Report

Following on from the last Kabansa reconnaissance carried out in August 2022 by 2(two) Farm Stew Trainers and 2 volunteers. This month-long program was done on account of the recommendations from that Mission.

This is a Summary of the Full Report which details a day-by-day 3-pronged program carried out in 4 stages.

Trainer: Daniel Lungu
Volunteer: Ephron Chibuye
Duration: 4 weeks Objectives :

  • Training potential Farm Stew Planters;
  • Guiding and nurturing the potential Planters to form Farm Stew Communities;
  • Carrying out Medical Mission work in the community using simple methods to treat basic illnesses.
  • Evangelism Program to Plant a Sabbath School Branch and Church

We arrived in Kabansa on Monday 20th March 2023 and the program began with a meeting in the evening with the Headmen, Teachers and other community leaders.

21st March to 29th March 2023

STAGE ONE: Training potential Planters.

25th March was a Sabbath and on the 26th we were doing medical missionary.

We did an introduction to Farm Stew and shared the eight ingredients with the trainees and included practicals and illustrations. Each session began with a prayer and we read a lot from the Bible.

Eleven trainees turned up, however, only six were consistent.

30th March to 4th April 2023

STAGE TWO: Health Evangelism

Many people came looking for help with the sick. In the morning and in the afternoons we went round the homes of the sick. We encouraged them from the Scriptures and prayed with them after providing basic natural remedy treatments. On 1st April which was a Sabbath, we went into the field for evangelism.

On the 4th April, we visited Nalwansanga Village, which is approximately 6km south of Kabansa village.

5th – 17th April 2023

STAGE THREE: Forming a Farmstew Community

Had our First community meeting on 5th April with an attendance of 32.The trainees were leading out in lesson delivery and we also looked at water. We began with a prayer at 14hrs and the meeting ended at 17:30hrs. The rest of the days we were doing medical missionary and visiting the homes of the members. On 11th April we went to Nalwansanga Village to attend to the sick.

And on the 12th of April, we had our second Farmstew community meeting which was poorly attended due to the weather and the funeral at Nalwansanga Village. On the 13th we attended the funeral at Nalwansanga Village. We had our final meeting with the community on the 14th of April 2023 and the attendance improved. On the Sabbath, we had door-to-door evangelism and unfortunately, I fell sick. Nevertheless, the work continued up to 17:30 hours. On Sunday 16th we were resting and went to the health worker to get medication. We decamped on Monday 17th April at 01:35hrs and reached Masase Village at 15:00hrs.

STAGE FOUR: Commencement of Farm Stew Community

Monthly monitoring and Evangelism program to plant Church

Further Information

  • Farm Stew Kabansa Mission though complete is the First Phase of this year’s program. Follow-up visits have been decided every month for the next four months until a fully-fledged Medical Mission by the main access road (impassable in the rainy season) combining Medical, Eye and Dental for 10 days, where Farm Stew Team will confirm the Planters and hopefully plant a Church.
  • New Farm Stew City Planters Report was removed from this Report on account of the number of Reports from 5(Sites).
  • Lunga District, Bwalya Mponda 4-week Mission is ongoing and expected to end in the first week of May 2023 when 7-10 new Planters are expected to be Graduated.


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