Medical & Farmstew Mission

Sep 6, 2022 | Medical Missions

Bwalya Mponda Island

Lake Bangweulu Wetlands, Lunga District,
Luapula Province, Zambia

25th – 30th September 2022

Mission Focus – Bwalya Mponda Island, Lunga District

Mission Report

Following the success of the recce carried out end of July and beginning August 2022, the actual Medical Mission and Farm Stew Mission will take place from the 25th to 30th September at and on the island of Bwalya Mponda.

The team mobilizing for this first mission to the Bangweulu Wetlands will comprise, Medical Doctors in general medicine, Ophthalmology and Dental services accompanied by and operating separately will be a Farm Stew team of Trainers for community services that will be carried out in the five (5) and six (6) day mission program, respectively.

Wilderness Gate Missions are spearheading the Mission and are organising the logistics for travel from Samfya to Bwalya Mponda island via the Chinsanka Harbour, including food and accommodation, ablutions and the setting up of the clinics and Farm Stew training facilities.

The Budget


Wilderness Gate Missions’ long, medium and short-term goals are ideally self-supporting and meant to be carried out from it’s own resources and with it’s own equipment. The process of acquisition of its own resources and equipment is a work-in progress and is fully underway. In the interim, and not to hinder the important mission work in the areas identified as most in urgent need, it is depending on donor support in large or small measure. This budget is therefore both an appeal for support and assistance for this work to be carried out, and partnering in some or all the Mission programs:

Lunga Team

  • Medical Lusaka to Samfya/Chinsanka/Bwalya Mponda Return
  • Dental:Lusaka to Samfya/Chinsanka/Bwalya Mponda Return
  • Ophthalmology: Mansa to Chinsanka /Bwalya Mponda Return
  • Farm Stew: Lusaka/Masase to Samfya/Chinsanka/Bwalya Mponda Return


  • Road travel
  • Water transport hire, fuel & oils
  • Clinics Mon-Fri (5 days)
  • Farm Stew training: Sun-Fri (6days)
  • Island camp: accommodation, ablutions & catering

Budget: K37,950.00. / $2495 ($2500.00)

Medical Mission & Farm Stew Program

This Mission will be twofold; attending to the immediate medical challenges as far as is possible with competent seasoned Medical Personnel and Health Professionals within the targeted area and within the time available and to assess on the ground the causes of the medical conditions prevalent with a view to addressing them in a holistic manner, post the carrying out of the clinics.

As noted in the recce report, from the interaction with the locals, the following health issues were described; scabies, blood pressure, diabetes, malnutrition, malaria, typhoid, dysentery, cataracts and trachoma.

The long term plans to provide a permanent mobile floating pontoon clinic will be determined partly by the outcome of this mission.

The FARM STEW program will address the above challenges using the eight (8) “ingredients” in a “recipe” for a healthy lifestyle; organic sustainable Farming, positive Attitude, Rest, whole-foods plant-based Meals, Sanitation & hygiene, Temperance, small business Enterprise and clean Water. This program will train local leaders in holistic community development. It will be an opportunity to assess on the ground in more detail, through baseline data collection, how best to tackle effectively and in the long run the challenges facing not only this Chiefdom but the others in the wetlands District. A permanent Farm Stew presence to help the community achieve a healthy and productive lifestyle, which is essentially the desired outcome.

Proposed 10m Clinic Pontoon


  • This area has unique disadvantages as a consequence of the location and the terrain it is in. Most of these disadvantages can be overcome with the right strategies, interventions and attitudes inculcated to steer the average person away from harmful and unsustainable traditional practices.
  • All the ingredients of Mission needs, are everywhere evident with the added advantage of a receptive community to change.
  • This island is just a sampling of what can only be a bigger or (unlikely) lesser challenge for the whole district and the need to provide an all-round holistic solution to having a healthy community.
  • Disease prevention with necessary simple and effective methods will be foremost in this Missions program aimed at dealing with the effects of unsustainable practices that encourage community squalor, coupled with the introduction of simple and attainable agricultural practices that encourage good nutrition and lifestyle change.
    • All of the above coupled with sustainable methods of enterprise and good management of resources, it is hoped, will  make a village like Bwalya Mponda a beacon for the whole district.

Your contribution and support will go a long way to achieving the coals of this mission.

To contribute, visit for the Wilderness Gate bank account details. All contributions will be receipted.


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