Monthly Report – April 2023 Highlights

Jun 26, 2023 | Reports


The month of APRIL is broken down into 4 training sessions in the Village of Masase, Chieftainess Serenje’s area. An increase in attendees with a steady 40-50

New communities are being planned with the trainers establishing the first community ready to be Certified.

Hand Operated Oil Extruder ready to be deployed to Masase Village with an operating table. Land for Farm Stew operations has been bought from the Headmen and Lady.

KABANSA Mission is complete, Report included.

Lunga District, Bwalya Mponda Mission 4(four) week Training has begun.

Farm Stew Planters City Team has been resourced and Reporting is improving. The second Team has started a VSLA program and a third is preparing.

Planning for the possible 36 Bible Workers at Riverside Farm Institute is ongoing as the final outcome from Riverside is awaited

Planning for the Flood ravaged area Training in Southern Province has been initiated

1. 0 Masase Village – 5th April 2023 (As reported)

We were clearing the land where we want to put a simple structure for our Farm Stew meetings, the land had some trees which needed to be cut and tall grass, The land was cleared and we will start the structure at our next meeting after VSLA.

On the 6th of April, we visited Farm Stew members in the Katiti area to check on them without them knowing that we were going to go around. They have all the requirements except the gardens, many garden fences failed due to heavy rains and termites so we advised them to start working on the gardens and use termite treatment now, and the deadline is on the 21st of April.

2.0 Masase Village – 12th April 2023 (As reported)

Village Savings and Loan Association

Group A savings were K1860 and the loans paid back were K5230 so total was K7090.Group B savings were K2500 and the loans paid back were K4400 total was K6900.

Then we got K100 from group A and K100 from group B from the K2 each member pays for the Social fund, so that we help Warren Ngosa whose wife was transferred to Serenje Hospital to undergo operation during birth and Felesi Nkandu whose daughter was transferred to Chitambo Hospital sick.


We were sharing rape and we reminded them how to plant. Make a bed of 1.1m and 5m long, make 3 rows with planting space of 30cm and on each row, you need to plant 12.

13th April 2023

I went around the school area checking on the members, due to rains the vegetables and tomato are not doing well but the carrots are doing well.

3.0 Masase Village – 19th April 2023 (As reported)

(A)We were repeat teaching how to grow soya beans since a lot of members were   surprised that our demo soya garden grew very well without using any   booster.

1.Prepare the land for planting

2.Make rows of 50-75cm

3.Plant seeds 1-2 per hole

4.Use compost or bottle cap of fertilizer per plant after 30 days of planting.

(B)So this week we had a complaint and they brought it during the meeting. About   5 members, domestic animals goats and pigs entered in their gardens   when they were in the field and ate the vegetables(cabbage and rape) that we shared weeks ago and they took the matter to the Chilolos (Headmen and woman), so their question was what will happen when the time comes for the Certificates to be issued, will they be considered or not? So they were told that they would be advised after consulting with Elder Zebron. This applied to those whose garden fences failed due to the rains and termites but have started making new ones.

21st April 2023

We went to work on the land that we want to put a simple structure on. The land is now clear awaiting the building of the structure.

4.0 Masase Village – 25th/26th April 2023 (As reported)

Village Savings and Loan Association

Group A savings were K908 and loans paid back were K1713, the total was K2621.

Group B savings were K580 and loans paid back were K2000, the total was K2580.


Giving rape to those whose vegetables were eaten by pigs and those who were making their garden fence and telling the members that we are expecting visitors next week Wednesday then Thursday we have to cook something for our visitors. The following will be prepared: sweet potatoes, cassava, half cake, umumbu and fresh maize plus vegetables that are available including African polony (chikanda).

  • •Farm Stew Trainers in Masase are in the process of preparing to confirm setting up 3-5 new Communities in surrounding villages that have requested Farm Stew and additional ones in Masase Village.
  • New Farm Stew City Planters Report was removed from this Report on account of the number of Reports from 5(Sites).
  • Lunga District, Bwalya Mponda 4-week Mission is ongoing and expected to end in the first week of May 2023 when 7-10 new Planters are expected to be Graduated.


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