Monthly Report – May 2022 Highlights

May 31, 2022 | Reports

We also did transplant of Sukuma wiki, and nursery planting of eggplant and beetroots.

The community were  trained to transplant during the evenings and the importance of proper spacing, so as to allow individual plants to have access to the sunshine and have enough space to feed from, without or with minimal competition.

The community raised the challenge they are facing with regard to watering, due to distance from water sources. We guided the community by introducing the practical use of Mulching, we also stressed the importance of Mulching to reduce weeds and provide organic fertilizer in the long run.

Masase Village – 11th May Training

The meeting on Wednesday, started at 07.20hrs. we began with the second phase of Latrine building, We did the foundation and seven courses.

After putting up the seventh course, to stopped so as to allow the the structure to dry. The finishing of the structure will be done within few days by four bricklayers within FARMSTEW community who volunteered.

FARM STEW trainers addressed the health challenge(s) within the village in regard to open fires with lots of smoke all over, which most of the times the victims are our mothers/sisters and baby’s, whenever they are preparing food in open fire with lots of smokes they inhale which later causes respiratory health issues.

Thus the community were guided on how this health hazard can be prevented by simple construction of Smokeless or Rocket stoves in order to save precious life.

We gave the demo to the community on how the smokeless stove is made. The Demo was done outside the kitchen but the community were shown how it can be done inside and the smoke would be getting outside the kitchen through the smoke outlet on the stove.

Masase Village 18th May Training

On the 18 of May,2022,FARMSTEW Trainers addressed the issue of malnutrition which Masase community is facing. The trainers taught how this challenge can be overcome by eating various vegetables of different colors (Rainbow colours) and legumes like Beans.

Not only were the vegetables cooked, the community learnt how to prepare some legumes like Yellow Sweet Potatoes and Mumbu (Local name), a type of tuber were prepared in a palatable way unlike the usual boiling. This was done to give the community more options of preparing legumes.

Later in the day the community cooked Nshima (Local Maize meal staple) which we ate together, so the community could taste all that they prepared. Community Leaders were present and participated in the preparation and the meal.

ATTITUDE: The ability of one to make choices in life, the choice made could have  positive or negative results in life.

We began today’s FARMSTEW meeting by telling the community the story of the two villages (The Mountain and the River Villages), giving them the picture of how distinct these two villages end up in terms of Social and Physical well  being regardless of them being one people at first, how they use to have one culture and shared the same land.

We told the community that based on our choices here in Masase Village, these two villages like the mountain and River Villages will exist, us who have decided to be FARM STEW members, learning and applying what we are learning and those who are not FARM STEW members.

TEMPERANCE: is being moderate in good things and Total abstinence from things that are harmful also self-Control in appetite, etc.

Our focus today on temperance we discussed how the the Brain works (Frontal lobe) the limbic systems.

We discussed that the frontal lobe(being the higher power of the brain),helps in decision making, reasoning, storing and processing of information, loving and caring for others etc. while the Limbic system been the lower power of the brain from which comes anger, hatred, sexual immorality, theft etc. which has to be subdued by the higher power (the frontal lobe), if left unchecked the limbic system might be overpowering the frontal lobe.

We gave the example of Paul in the bible who complained that ” …He does not accomplish the good he sets out to do, and the evil (from the limbic system) he didn’t wanted to do, that he was doing”. everyone was able to relate to this struggle within us.

We discussed some of the factors that can lead to brain damage, disturbing the neurons and the chemical transmitters in the brain, the factors discussed were Alcohol, Cigarettes (Marijuana), refined Sugar and soft drinks.

At the end of our discussion, community members were able to relate and share their stories on how they lose their reasoning when drunk and  after getting sober only to see and hear of the terrible things they did while under the influence of alcohol, Marijuana.

We also discussed addiction, how repeated behaviour/activities become habit(s).Thus bad habits can be replaced by good repeated activities.

Out of 31 participants, 25 used to drink, now they don’t and 6 are still drinking, we then asked those who used to drink to share their experience, benefits and challenges, and we asked those who are drinking any of the benefits they are seeing, from both parties the answer was NONE. Some who are drinking said they want to stop but they keep on  going back,(addiction).we then asked those who used to drink to advise how they managed to over come, some advised that those who want to stop drinking should be avoiding drinking place as well as peers who just talk about alcohol.


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