Monthly Report – October 2022 Highlights

Oct 31, 2022 | Reports


  • The month of OCTOBER is broken down into 4 sessions of Training in the Village of Masase, Chieftainess Serenje’s area Once again the number of attendees has remained consistent with 30-45 people.
  •  VSLA meetings have become even more interesting with increased savings and plans for business investment.
  • Reconnaisance trips are being carried out to new areas to establish size of areas and needs assessment.
  • Continued preparation of existing Farm Stew participant homes to become Certified Homes is on-going.
  • Support for existing Farm Stew Team has been effected with Bicycle transport secured and to be delivered, plus other needs to ease the current work and anticipated to manage the challenges anticipated of reaching and entering new areas.

1.0 Masase Village – 5th October 2022 (As Reported)

The following activities were done;

  1. Water Uses
  2. Cleanliness in Four Areas

Water Uses

The Community members were reminded and taught additionally the many different right uses of water which can do more good than medicine to prevent and treat diseases including how it helps the body fight infections both inside and outside. Good health requires the use of clean pure water.

Cleanliness in Four Areas

Clean Bodies

Hand washing – The importance of washing hands before preparing food, before eating, after using the toilet, and after doing any other dirty job with your hands. Children must also be taught and will remember and learn by watching what adults do.

Bathing – Bathing feels good, it removes sweat and microbes and it prevents skin infections, itchy rashes and body odour, while bathing children examine their bodies for lice, sores, swollen arms, leg or feet and clean clothes should be worn after bathing, dirty clothes contain waste and microbes shed by the skin and it contaminates the clean skin.

Clean Teeth – White clean teeth are beautiful when some are missing it is difficult to chew food well, after eating the food you need to clean your teeth, bacteria in the mouth feast on the leftovers especially on the food that are sweet or stick to the teeth.

Clean Food

Clean Fruits and Vegetables; Garden produce that grows near the ground can easily be infested by worms so we have to wash fruits in clean water before eating and also wash vegetables before cooking with clean water.

Clean dishes, we have to wash the dishes after using them in clean water and if there is a sick person cups and plates they should be boiled for 1minute in clean water and then placed on a drying rack in the sun away from dust and animals.

Clean Home

A Clean home is a healthy home, keep the floors well swept and cleaned, rubbish around the home should be cleaned up and taken care off, the rubbish pit should be far from the wells and stream and the house.

Clean Air

Taught that Air is very important to each one than food or water, proper breathing of pure Air is good for our health, when you breath in you take in oxygen from the air and when you breath out you breath out used air containing Carbon-dioxide, clean air has no harmful pollutants in it and it’s safe to breath, air the dirt, dust, smoke and chemical is harmful to breath and can make your chest feel tight or make you cough. The following are the symptoms you can experience from poor air; dryness and irritation of the eyes, nose, throat and skin, headache, fatigue dizziness, shortness of breath and even asthma.

Polluted air can hurt your mood and sleep, and over time it can affect your lungs and heart, Rooms without windows will have poor air to breath so it’s important to ventilate each room by opening up windows to let in the sunshine and fresh air. When cooking with wood people with ear or lung disease should be protected from smoke and dirt air. Remember when the walls of the cooking house are black so are the walls of your lungs.

2.0 Masase Village – 12th October 2022 (As Reported)

The following activities were done:

Village Saving and Loan Association (VSLA)

Group A saved K6920 while Group B Saved K7220 and Total saved was K14,140.Members are very thankful for VSLA cause they are able to save their money without being charged and also getting Loans with only adding a 30% when paying back the loan, other members have started small businesses through getting Loans.

Temperance On Sexual Immorality

Sexual relationship was designed by God to be enjoyed by a man and woman in marriage, and when a man leaves his wife and goes to commit adultery with another woman he will use the money meant to be used at home for food and the wife and children will suffer. Love also will not be there cause one is being unfaithful and it may even lead to sexual transmitted infections (STIs). If adultery can be avoided then we won’t have many broken homes and diseases.

3.0 Masase Village – 21st October 2022 Training (As Reported)

The training which is held every Wednesday, was postponed to Friday 21st,2022, due to the clash in time and day of FARMSTEW meeting and the Community Agriculture meeting.

Unfortunately on Friday there was a low turnout, because some members were out of the village for other programs, while few who were within the village did not know that the meeting was rescheduled for Friday.

Nevertheless, 22 participants came and we discussed ENTERPRISE, our focus as Trainers was to remind members that one of FARMSTEW goal is to reduce/eradicate poverty, and guide people to be economically independent, which can be achieved through Enterprise. Therefore the members were asked to present their long term plans of things they are saving for, which they would want to do at the end of Village Saving and Loan Association, next year August,10 2023, be it business or projects.

Out of 22 participates on a Friday,3 members knew what they were saving for;

  1. Tamara Mvula (want to buy Living room Chairs)
  2. Charles Mibenge (want to open a Grocery)
  3. Ruth Lubingu ( want to be selling clothes and fish)

Meanwhile, other members were told to present their plans, when they are ready, so that FARMSTEW Trainers can record and make a follow up at the end of the VSLA cycle, this will help to see how much VSLA is helping our members, here in Masase village.

Note, realising a good number of people were absent on this day, this exercise is yet to be repeated.

4.0 Masase Village – 26th October Training (As Reported)

The following activity took place


The first 1 hour 30 minutes before VSLA, FARMSTEW Trainers, addressed a serious issue which was observed and of concern to other FARMSTEW participants. It was observed that there are some members who only attend VSLA weeks, and are absent from regular FARM STEW Sessions.

  • The Trainers wanted to hear from the people, who are always absent from regular classes but present during VSLA weeks, unfortunate no one had a reason. Trainers encouraged all members to be attending all classes, because VSLA is FARMSTEW and a component within FARMSTEW-Enterprise.
  • Trainers informed the community that those that will only continue attending VSLA weeks, will not be certified and will not be allowed to join VSLA the next cycle.
  • FARMSTEW Trainers also encouraged community members to come up with individual (family) Business plans or projects they would like to do at the end of VSLA cycle, and submit this to FARMSTEW Trainers for record and follow ups
  • It was noted that other members during Village Saving and Loan Association were mostly getting Loans and paying on time but saving less, so they were reminded to save more and get less loans if possible because at the end of VSLA cycle sharing out is based on the amount of shares brought (Savings).They were also encouraged to be getting loans with plans in place on how to use the loan.
  • FARMSTEW community agreed to be giving out loans based on 30% above one’s total accumulated savings, this has limited members from over borrowing yet with little savings.

Village Saving And Loan Association (VSLA)

This week group A Saved K4719, while Group B Saved K9320 and Total savings were K14,039.

Member are really grateful because some have even started small businesses.

Further Information

  • FARM STEW TRAINERS are actively engaged with surrounding communities and villages to begin programs
  • The 6 Volunteers have started working side by side with the Trainers according to the training received.
  • We continue to make gains spiritually and face challenges at the same time as before.
  • Planning for further Kabansa Village Mission still on course with a scaled back time on account of the planting season and therefore availibility of participants.
  • Urban Training planned for end October has been carried out successfully with 13 graduating Planters. Report submitted.
  • The Farm Stew Lunga Mission in the Lake Bangweulu wetlands island of Bwalya Mponda was completed successfully and a small Team identified to be Trained. Soy bean sample planting area identified and planting to be attempted.


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