Monthly Report – September 2022 Highlights

Sep 30, 2022 | Reports


  • The month of SEPTEMBER is broken down into 4 sessions of Training in the Village of Masase, Chieftainess Serenje’s area and the LUNGA DISTRICT Mission on Bwalya Mponda Island (Bangweulu Wetlands) which was succesfully carried out and a separate Report prepared.
  • Once again the number of attendees has remained consistent with 30-45 people.
  • VSLA meetings have become even more interesting.
  • Calls continue to be received to begin Farmstew Programs in other Villages and after the Kabansa Mission the areas north and west are being planned for preliminary Mission trips.
  • Continued preparation of existing Farm Stew participant homes to become Certified Homes has intensified.
  • The existing Farm Stew Team it is hoped will be equipped better this last quarter to manage the challenges anticipated of reaching and entering new areas.

Masase Village – 7th September Training (As Reported)

The following activities were done:

  • Village Savings and Loan Association meetings
  • Vegetable Garden seedling distribution & New Members initiation

Village Savings and Loan Association meetings

FARMSTEW in Masase village met for Village Saving and Loan Association,two groups A and B.The Meeting on Wednesday delayed from 09:00am to 11:20am, this was due to the burial that took place in the village of a year old child, who past away a previous day (Tuesday).

Nevertheless our meeting was a success, members from both groups A and B, have shown greater interest in Saving. Group A, Saved and Loaned out K3,630 while Group B Saved and Loaned out K4,060.

Therefore the Total Savings from both groups on 07/09/2022 was K 7,690.

Vegetable Garden Seedling distribution & new members initiation

Later in the day, Kale Seedlings and Egg plant were shared, to accommodate new members with Kitchen gardens.

Masase Village – 14th September 2022 Training (As Reported)

SANITATION – Brick molding for GIRLS VIP TOILET at the Village Primary School

A Community is  a group of people who live, work together and share common values (note, in our case, it is the FARM STEW recipe, we share). FARM STEW Community in Masase village has demonstrated what it is to be called a community. Today, Wednesday 14′ September,2022, All FARM STEW Masase members joined hands to work for Masase Primary School to put build proper toilets (beginning with a 1×2 block), Ventilated Improved Pits (VIP).

Our objective, to put up Ventilated Improved Pits with enclosure, is to provide protection and part of the ’Freedom From Shame Objective’ for girls with a proper enclosure, which they can use without shame and harassment, when they want to change their sanitary pads during their menstrual cycles, and to demonstrate to the community how odourless toilets are made.

The current toilets at Masase Primary School are called Death Traps, by the School Head.

To start with, the community has begun by moulding bricks out of clay. The community was united and worked hard to see this project kicking off, every member was assigned to mold at least a minimum of 25 bricks.

To set a good example, FARM STEW Trainers were the ones to begin. Everyone was impressed and encouraged after seeing Sister Leah, Br Daniel and Br Holly moulding a total of 75 bricks. The community moulded a total of 843 Clay Bricks in one day. The Headteacher (Mr. Chikatula) appreciated the work, because when the school previously engaged some people to mould bricks, they were unable to reach this much in a single day. The next step will be to fire the bricks.

After a hard work, which was a success, FARMSTEW community shared lunch, which was prepared at Mr Charles Mibenge’s, with the vegetables from our Kitchen gardens, and the fish we bought.

Masase Village – 21st September Training (As Reported)

  1. VSLA
  3. Village Saving and Loan Association, although other members were absent the meeting was successful, Group A Saved K4,105 while Group B Saved K2,997 and the total was K7102.
  4. We emphasised on the need to prepare for certificates and will be going round in their homes to check if they still have the following and they are using them:
    • Garden
    • Two(2) rubbish pits
    • Plate rack
    • Toilet .Tippy tap

Farm stew members last week were paid K600 to make bricks for the Girls Toilet and K262 was used for meals for the whole group on the same day and the K338 which remained Group A and Group B shared K169 each and the money for each Group was added to the Village Saving and Loan Association.

Moulded bricks stacked and being prepared for Firing

Masase Village – 28th September 2022 Training (As Reported)

The life of the flesh is in the blood

  1. The importance of the Blood, a person can be in a terrible accident, break an arm or be in great pain and yet survive but an injury that causes uncontrollable blood loss will result in death because Life is in the Blood
  2. The Different Body Cells and what they do was presented
    • White blood cells, they destroy microbes and fight off diseases
    • Red blood cells, it contain haemoglobin which uses iron to carry oxygen from the lungs throughout the body and then to carry used air back to the lungs
    • Plasma, the water in the body carries nutrients to all the body’s cells, It also carries waste products from the lungs, liver and kidneys in the form of urine and stool.
  3. Malaria attacks the blood, when malaria parasites are injected by a mosquito into a person, they multiply into millions of microorganisms that destroy the oxygen carrying red blood cells
  4. Anaemia is a condition in which you lack enough healthy red blood cells to carry adequate oxygen to your body’s tissues, causes muscle weakness, pale fingernails, lips, skin and gums. The pulse is fast and breathing difficult, anaemia can be caused by:
    • malaria(because malaria destroys the red blood cells)
    • inadequate intake of iron from food
    • chronic diarrhoea
    • hookworms from the soil
    • blood loss
  5. Blood is made from the food we eat, foods containing iron build strong, the following foods are rich in iron:
    • molasses
    • legumes
    • grains
    • seeds
    • whole unmilled
  6. The importance of vitamin C for iron absorption, the body also needs vitamin C to help increase the absorption of that Iron into the blood and they are found in rainbow coloured foods like mangos, melons,   guava and also in dark leafy vegetables, cabbage, tomato and peppers.
  7. Foods that block iron absorption, even if you are consuming iron from other foods the following beverages will rob you of that iron:
    • Tea
    • Coffee
    • Cow’s Milk
    • Beer

Further Information

  • Demand for new Trainers is increasing as the existing Team is being spread thin, and the need to reinforce them is ever more necessary.
  • The 6 Volunteers selected continue with weekly Training.
  • We continue to make gains spiritually and face challenges at the same time.
  • Planning for further Kabansa Village Mission work has begun and a medical and Farm Stew program is planned for before the rains fully set in and the area is all but cut off.
  • Urban Training planned for end October is on course to take place in the centre of a very high density unplanned area, in a Rehabilitation Centre for disabled and disadvantaged children, as before.
  • The Farm Stew Lunga Mission in the Lake Bangweulu wetlands island of Bwalya Mponda week began with part of the Team arriving on the 22nd September 2022. The program began and finished during the week together with the Medical four member Mission. As expected there were many challenges but of a varied nature given the dynamics of the area and accessibility.


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