Q4 Kabansa Missions Report – FARM STEW & Wilderness Gate 2023

Dec 15, 2023 | Reports

Kabansa Report: 24th October to 6th November, 2023

  • Location: Kabansa Village, Chieftainess Serenje, Central Province
  • GPS Coordinates: 13°27’54”S 31°00’21” E


  • Daniel Lungu – Trainer/Coordinator, 
  • Daniel Mufalali and Jimmy Mvula- Volunteers


Led by Daniel Lungu, supported by volunteers Daniel Mufalali and Jimmy Mvula, the community embarked on a soybean farming project, facing challenges like water scarcity. FARM STEW’s sustainable approach shifted attitudes, fostering resilience despite initial expectations. Health services from the Baptist Church, meal diversification, and sanitation improvements mark progress amidst persistent challenges.


The community has enthusiastically initiated a soybean farming project, supplemented with additional vegetable seeds. However, challenges arose during the dry season, causing streams, crucial for irrigation, to dry up. Nevertheless, the community persevered, receiving comprehensive training on composting and Pfumvudza conservation farming, leading to widespread adoption of these methods.


While some community members initially expected handouts, FARM STEW’s emphasis on sustainable empowerment led to a withdrawal by a few. Nonetheless, the majority remain resilient and focused, despite the persistent challenge of overcoming harmful traditional beliefs. 


The recent opening of a clinic by the Baptist Church has been a significant boon for mothers, offering not only family planning services but also invaluable health education.


Efforts to diversify meals and promote healthy eating habits, including the “rainbow concept,” have shown progress, though malnutrition cases persist and require ongoing attention.


Construction of rocket stoves and improvements in sanitation facilities underscore the community’s commitment to health and cleanliness. Notably, the community’s dedication to maintaining clean surroundings and attending the fledgling Baptist Church is commendable.


Challenges related to alcoholism, smoking, and promiscuity persist, indicating a need for enhanced spiritual nourishment. Efforts to establish a Sabbath School branch and construct a church reflect the community’s proactive approach to addressing these issues.


The commencement of a Village Savings and Loan Association (VSLA) presents promising opportunities for economic empowerment, particularly given the dearth of local businesses. The abundance of natural resources, such as forests suitable for beekeeping, augurs well for future enterprise development.


While clean drinking water is available from a mountain stream piped to the school area, accessibility remains a challenge for remote village communities, particularly during the dry season. Plans for a borehole, facilitated by a community water committee, offer hope for improved water access and health outcomes.

In response to urgent food security needs, FARM STEW provided relief maize to the community, supplemented with orange vitamin A seed maize for sustainable agricultural practices. In addition to supporting the establishment of a church, FARM STEW will collaborate with the community to establish a cooperative shop on the allocated plot, meeting the expressed needs for local commerce and empowerment.

Wilderness Gate and FARM STEW are making steady progress in empowering and uplifting these remote communities in Zambia. If you’d like to join in the efforts, consider making a contribution to our work. All donations are fed directly into our projects and are essential in reaching and empowering the communities we serve.


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