Q4 Lusaka Missions Report – FARM STEW & Wilderness Gate 2023

Dec 20, 2023 | Reports

The urban setting for Farm Stew differs greatly from the rural setting due to the high density of housing in unplanned communities known as Squatter Compounds. This presents challenges for daily tasks as people live in cramped spaces, often renting rooms with shared facilities and limited room for activities beyond cooking and sleeping. Gathering large numbers of community members is difficult as many live hand to mouth, relying on daily incomes from small businesses or odd jobs wherever possible. Social issues such as theft are common in some areas.

The Farm Stew Planters reside in these communities, allowing them to relate to and empathize with the community members they lead.

Kabanana A

The Kabanana A community has diligently worked towards certification, fulfilling all program components from farming to water management. Despite space constraints, they have established a community garden, and all members have essential facilities like pit latrines, rubbish pits, and compost piles in their homes. The VSLA program has been notably successful, generating over K19,000.00 ($800) this quarter without any loans. They are now prepared to conclude the cycle. Community Team: Danny Kalasa and Mutinta Mpondela (Danny Kalasa oversees another growing community called Mazyopa).

Kabanana B

Kabanana B community, situated approximately 4-5 km from A, has also made significant progress in the last quarter, achieving similar results to A. Despite space challenges, many members have thriving sack gardens and utilize every corner of their space for gardening. Inspired by scripture references in training sessions, the community requested Bibles, and 21 were provided in different languages. They are nearing completion of the VSLA cycle. The Planters have actively supported the growth of other communities successfully in the past two quarters. Community Team: Highson Simukonda and Emmanuel Mbasela. Highson Simukonda has conducted a baseline study in another high-density location and recently initiated a community in NGWERERE Compound, bringing the total communities he oversees to three.


Chaisa Community, located on the city’s outskirts, has faced challenges with kitchen gardens due to theft. However, a communal garden has been established and is showing improvement. Despite difficulties, the community remains committed to the VSLA program and anticipates completing the cycle in Q2. They aspire to certification but still need to address several areas adequately.

SOS Village & Ngwerere

SOS Village and Ngwerere are newly established communities that began in Q4. Progress looks promising for these small groups, showing increasing interest and growth week by week.

Kabanana A Group preparing to close their VSLA cycle
With Farm Stew Planter Mutinta Mpondela

Wilderness Gate and FARM STEW are making steady progress in empowering and uplifting these remote communities in Zambia. If you’d like to join in the efforts, consider making a contribution to our work. All donations are fed directly into our projects and are essential in reaching and supporting the communities we serve.


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